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Futuretech is a digital media and technology firm based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with presence in Nigeria and South Africa. It exists to co-create next wave solutions with front runners in fast paced markets. They are results-driven and continuously innovate for their clients and deliver solutions that keep them ahead of the wave. They merge expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Middle East and Africa, coupled with a massive dose of creativity. They are creators of game changing solutions.


Explore Possibilities

Valora partnered with Futuretech and Think Leverage to bring the firm’s brand strategy to life. We immersed ourselves in the business and its future ambitions. This led to a transformative creative idea that became the springboard for a future fit brand language.


Shape Tomorrow

To create differentiation for the brand and for it to stand out as a major player in the category, we used design to re-position the organisation as a Fintech that can easily sit side by side with leading global brands. The creative approach was steeped in culture and supported Futuretech’s future growth ambitions. At the same time, we wanted the brand to be fit for tomorrow and have the ability to interact with tech savvy millennials and early adopters. The identity needed to be fast-paced, setting the pace in the ever changing media landscape, and challenging the norm to fast track growth.


‘The team at Valora were very insightful in reimagining our brand identity by digging into our company DNA, to bring a real vibrancy and purpose that elevated our brand communications and is future proof.’

Boye Balogun – Managing Director


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