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Cassava Fintech

Pan Africa/United Kingdom

Understand Today

Cassava is a specialised Pan-African Fintech company that delivers innovative digital transaction solutions across the mobile ecosystem. The organisation endeavors to operate wherever money changes hands, with an ambition to drive financial inclusion, digital payments and lead the adoption of e-Commerce in Africa. They are the catalyst to providing millions of people in Africa with access to digital financial solutions that empower them to move and progress in life. Cassava Fintech is a subsidiary of Econet Group, a TMT company with its beginnings in Zimbabwe. Cassava Fintech is known for its flagship product, EcoCash, that was named Best Mobile Payment Solutions at the GSMA Glomo Awards 2017 in Barcelona.

Cassava Fintech

Explore Possibilities

How does a Pan African brand position itself as a partner for growth? How does a brand consumed by everyday Africans inspire and be inspired by the people they serve? Valora was tasked by the executives of the organisation to re-invigorate the brand and gear it for change as the organisation continues with its expansion strategy. The exploratory work entailed a thorough brand audit of the business, brand metrics and contextual interaction with the brand in its lived environments. Valora benchmarked Cassava Fintech against category competitors in Africa and globally. Our aim was to identify market strengths and opportunities to leverage for the brand to achieve distinction, relevance and differentiation.

Cassava Fintech

Shape Tomorrow

A future fit strategy, supported by design and a brand activation toolkit, was developed. The strategy directed the organisation to a new purpose. It emphasised a mind shift from seeing the organisation’s primary market as ‘previously excluded’ to identifying them as ‘Overcomers/Strivers’ who form the economic backbone of Africa. Through Valora’s strategic advisory and design intervention, Cassava Fintech is ready to lead the category and integrate their brand into communities across the continent in a meaningful way.

Cassava Fintech

“We as Team Cassava thank you for believing and sharing our Vision for Cassava Fintech and for having played a part as we embark on Providing digital transaction solutions to all the people of Africa.”

Owen Takadiyi – Chief Marketing Officer

Cassava Fintech

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