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Understand Today

Africawide is a professional services firm with implementation consulting at its core. Established in 2008, the firm remains ambitious & is looking to grow & re-invent itself past its professional service offering, to include diversified offerings such as technology, fintech, engineering green energy & so much more. Africawide’s goal is to transition into an organisation that provides solutions beyond advisory services and be well positioned to compete with leading global brands. To prepare for this transition, Africawide partnered with Valora to re-define the brand and identify a differentiated positioning fit for tomorrow.


Explore Possibilities

How does a consulting firm grow new wings and expand its vision? How does a founder led brand carve its way into new territories and new entrepreneurial ventures? Our task was to build a brand that celebrated its core offering, introduced new opportunities and showcased an integrated approach to building a business. The idea of building businesses and impactful solutions formed the foundation of our exploratory work. Valora’s Brand Diagnostic tool enabled benchmarking of Africawide against in and out of category players. Our aim was to build a transformative strategic foundation that leveraged design to elevate Africawide’s new raison d’etre.


Shape Tomorrow

A multi-disciplinary brand strategy, supported by responsive design was built for Africawide. The new strategy supported the organisation diversification strategy and expansion. It enabled Africawide to affirm their client focus approach as well as to create an enterprising internal culture, ready to deliver responsive solutions that solve tomorrow’s problems.


‘‘The high levels of professionalism and efficient delivery just made the process a real pleasure. We look forward to working together again on future projects.’’

Thelma Bamhare – Operations Manager


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